Cali Rezo is a non-figurative artist working along the lines of informal painting. Her work is inspired both by the great artists she admires—such as André Marfaing, Fabienne Verdier, Pierre Soulages—and by the very heart of natural elements: a drop of water, a feather, a stone.

The radicality of her painting is achieved by using a monochrome palette of blacks and whites where shapes evolve ultimately into a meaning, a sign, a writing which echoes an intimate memory of the original gesture.

Each painting is the culmination of an obstinate search for repeated signs aimed at recovering the emotion of the very first traced signs of her own life.

The texture of her paintings is poised between matt black empty areas, silky matte effects evocative of polished pebbles and the glossy reflections of the environement—its colors, movement and depth.

E. P. (Translation J.R.)


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