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About Paul Stewart ( Owner Paul Stewart Gallery ) one can safely quote what French Prime minister Georges Clemenceau said once about Claude Monet: "He's an eye. And such an eye!" Paul Stewart majored in Arts and has been living in France since 1994 and spent a large part of his professional career working for French photographic agencies, he decided in 2012 to begin a new career as a Gallerist, Artists agent and advisor. While in the photographic world, he had the opportunity to explore all aspects of an image and sharpen his artistic eye.

He has gathered a team of international artists - " His Stable " He is at the same time their friend, advisor, artistic manager and go-between with critics, collectors, art galleries and other exhibition spaces in Paris and beyond. He imposes limits to his business in order to keep it always manageable, especially as far as human relationships with his protégés are concerned. His best asset, one can say, is rightly and quickly perceiving talent and potential of an artist.


Paul Stewart, gallerist

T. + 33 (0) 6 85 75 83 50 ​

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