Dominique Kermène is a French artist born in 1957. A multidisciplinary artist, she has explored a multitude of mediums during her career, in order to satisfy her thirst for creation.

During the 80s, she joined the American Center photography studio, hosted then by Scott MacLeay. She worked there in black and white and with an analog camera, with an approach that interrogates the passing of time and captures the traces in the wear of ordinary objects and the parchmented features of old people, searching for their timeless essence. In parallel, Kermere experimented, by diverting the use of the scanner, with which she created images where the colors of her subjects contrasted strongly with the whiteness of the background. During the following decade, she turned to painting, driven by her need of a direct and sensual contact with the material on the canvas. Her pièces in large formats attempt to depict the feelings of the artist and to restore the vibratory energy of the colors. She embarks on a contantly renewing adventure, seeking a balance between a silent observation, introspection and spontaneous elan. Without giving up painting, her discovery of engraving led her to start working in black and white, and opened the doors of a new artistic world for her to explore.

Whatever the medium, Dominique Kermene's work always manages to seduce the galleries and collectors. The artist exhibits her work regularly since the 80s. Her photographs were exhibited at the "Rencontres Off d'Arles" in 1985 and during the "Off of the Month of Photography" (Paris) in 1994 and 1996.