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Frédérique Assaël is a French painter born in the city of Marseille in the south of France on the Mediterranean sea. Since her childhood, she has always drawn portraits.During the late 1990's she worked in several painting workshops in Brussels, Belgium.Back to France she focused on sanguine and charcoal drawing, concentrating on portraits.Then she approached academic oil painting studying the Masters (Raphael, Leonardo da Vinci, Caravaggio, Balthus, Picasso, Géricault...).She then fully committed to a personal work.The Artist suggests reality through figuration and abstraction while drawing on traditional techniques, thus giving free rein to her imagination.Frédérique Assaël focuses on what is most vulnerable and sensitive in her view: the portrait.The face is not what can be seen but rather what escapes our vision. All these faces full of mysteries captivate her.The artist makes her characters oversized in order to create a direct face-to-face with the spectator.The technique is merely a tool that makes her free, allowing her to express her vision. She seeks to decode the mystery of the portrait, describing it and reinventing it in her way.Frédérique Assaël manufactures some of her colors and her linen canvases.She prepares the different layers with mixed techniques creating a network of topographical lines that punctuate the canvas.Her subjects emerge from a fragmented and connected background that is laid on the canvas.This French artist does not use portraits to paint, she strives to use oil painting to transcribe portraits as they appear to her.Member of the Taylor Foundation and of the Salon d'Automne (Paris), she regularly participates in major French exhibitions (National Society of Fine Arts SNBA, the Salon d'Automne Champs-Elysées, Art Capital French Artists, the French School Salon, Biennial of Salon Violet, Biennial of Versailles...) and internationals exhibitions (Japan, Israël).She received several honors : Bronze Medal at "French Artists exhibition " 2019, Jury Award at "French Artists Exhibition" 2018, Public Award "Chesnay'Art Exhibition" 2017, Russian Embassy Award 2016, First Price Painting Award in many exhibitions…Several solo exhibitions were also dedicated to her in France: Croissy 2018, Chesnay'Art  2017, Château Chanorier 2016, Special Guest Fontenay 2015, Nath's Hall Neuilly 2015, retrospective in St Nom la Bretèche 2014, Thalès 2014, Vinci 2013, Christiane Peugeot  Cultural Center 2012, General Consulate of Colombia in Paris in 2011.