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Dreaming, 2017 - 81 x 65 cm  -Artwork by Harouna Ouedraogo, reflecting his expressive and bold artistic style. Influenced by his upbringing in Burkina Faso, his paintings convey a sense of abstraction, freedom, and movement. Inspired by everyday life and society, he captures the essence of human experience through his unique perspective, exploring lines, forms, and the interplay between construction and deconstruction.


Harouna Ouedraogo was born in 1981 in Ouahigouya, in the north of Burkina, where he's drawn since his childhood. He began painting in 2000 and then enrolled at the Inafac (National Institute for Artistic and Cultural Training) in Ouagadougou for three years. Expressive and sharp style designs, Harouna experiences abstraction while giving himself freedom, gesture and movement. His works are inspired by the society around him. The street, the human being, everyday life offer him an infinite range of subjects. "Building, deconstructing, rebuilding are actions that I often use in my work with an illogical search for line and form".


By The Same Artist.

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