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Luc Pierre is a French artist born in 1966. It is in 2015 that the artist takes again the exploratory work that he had left twenty five years earlier, when he was studying at the Beaux Arts while continuing his career in the setting in page and graphic design.

He then simply starts with digital montages, photographing his drawings, breaking them down to recompose them on the screen.

Luc Pierre now wants to completely detach himself from the machine and to approach his work spontaneously, with the least anticipation and re-composition : it is a difficult and binding work that the artist mobilizes, not without difficulty. The artist wants to be alone with the paper and defines the format, its limits, what there will be to shown and what will be to hidden, sometimes with the use of collage, more often with the layers of white acrylic paint that hints at the previous shapes and colors. The machine is then relegated to the background but does not completely disappear from his creative process.

Directly inspired by the music he has always played, his compositions take on the airs of rhythmic, syncopated, lively and exalted scores.

The bright colors of acrylic paint and gouache contrast with dry or bold pastels or, denser and often duller; the lines are most often drawn with charcoal or pencil, like a road to go while everything rushes; finally the forms, sometimes a viaduct, a bird, a flower, etc. but most often an abstract form such as a brief movement or a gesture that goes too far.