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Marc - English Artist in Paris | Prolific Creator in Painting and Music | Discover the captivating world of Marc, an English artist residing in Paris. With a lifelong passion for aesthetics, he has explored various creative avenues, and his prolific work spans painting and music. Through his oil paintings on canvas and paper, Marc blends apparent realism with allegorical narratives, creating a rich tapestry of art. Explore his diverse collection of paintings and immerse yourself in the intricate world of his creative expression.


Marc is an English artist who has spent most of his adult life living in Paris.


Always the aesthete, he is prolific in his work but pathologically unable to specialise. The last decade, however, has seen him whittle it down to two main branches: painting and music.


His painting —  in oils, on canvas or paper — strikes one as being figurative. This apparent realism serves only to weave the allegorical tissue that constitutes his œuvre.


By The Same Artist.

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