MISHA (Christine Soboul Michel)

 WORKS BY MISHA (Christine Soboul Michel)

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Oil paintings in free figuration in a search for harmony between being
and nature.
Misha's portraits bear witness to the passage of time.
Alternately in a warrior posture or in weightlessness, her characters keep their distance and their distance and their mystery.
Originally from the Drôme, this nomadic artist has lived for 25 years in Europe, Africa and Asia.
Her work has been enriched along the way, inspired by these cultures and nourished by multiple encounters.

Contemplative faces, her portraits of a dignified presence no longer recognize themselves in the mirror-reflection of this world which escapes them and which calls for more spirituality.

Misha is the winner of the Joël Dabin Prize 2020 of the Taylor Foundation and exhibits in France Paris and abroad.