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Alex Manea: Bygone, 2021 - 100 x 120 x 2 cm. Explore the powerful art of Alex Manea, a visual artist from Romania. His thought-provoking compositions address major social concerns, using materials inspired by arte povera and a minimalist, conceptual approach. Discover his diverse works in painting, drawing, sculpture, installations, found objects, and photography


Alex Manea (Romania, 1988) is a visual artist from Bucharest, Romania.
His work revolves around the idea that every piece of art should present a powerful message to the recipient, and ideally push him to react in some way to the subject of the work.
That’s why, most of his compositions start from matters of major social concerns.
He resonates with the use of found materials and objects in the spirit of arte povera, but also tries to keep a minimalist perspective and a conceptual approach on his work.
As for means of expression regarding the subject matter, his approach is totally different. He prioritizes the theme of the work over the actual artistic practice. All technical methods must come in help for a better display of the chosen topic.
Alex Manea is working and experimenting on different media: painting, drawing, sculpture, installations, found objects, photography.
We now live in undefined times, with no identity, in which all visual artists or artists of any kind have the essential duty of creating work with strong social messages, of real interest, that could entice the receptor towards action (verbal, mental, factual, subconscious, or any other kind of action).


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