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Explore 'Pied-à-Terre' artwork and artist's biography. Paris-born sculptor specializes in expressive terracotta figures, evoking deep emotions. Discover his unique and acclaimed creations in terracotta and bronze, with pieces residing globally.


Born in Paris, he discovered terracotta work in 1999 in a Parisian workshop alongside sculptor Marie-Claude Debain. He builds his world around expressive characters given free rein to everyone's imagination. His men are touching with tenderness and give off an emotion that never leaves you indifferent.

The artist offers us a large family that would emerge from a great sensitivity.

His characters have already found residence in Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland Italy but also in California (San Francisco, Hollywood and Las Vegas). The terracotta made in Stoneware are original and unique pieces. The bronzes are the fruit of a collaboration with the Paumelle foundry (Marne). Each print is signed (12 copies maximum) under the name "Original work of art" and is unique by the carving and the patina.

His work has been acclaimed by the press on numerous occasions. He also had the pleasure of being published in 2017 by the Lilo editions for a very compendium of texts by women who ask their respects for the artist's work (Lilo / Fnac Edition).


By The Same Artist.

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