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Julie Peiffer has always been a photographer, it is no coincidence that the first pictures she published on her Facebook page were initially grouped under the title "In my eye (#DansMonOeil) » .

From her mother, Julie holds the rule, the limit, the structuring, and the framework. From her father, the movement, the journey out-of-fields, and the overflow. It is on the side of this aesthetic - the sensorial educational confrontation and their alchemy, as much as their contrast, that we seek what animates, in the Latin sense of the term, the gaze of Julie.

From withdrawal, from abstraction, was born questioning, the play between shadow and light, this primal vocabulary of photography, which she later fed by frequenting the work of Man Ray, Eugène Atget and André Kertész among many others.

The gaze of those who manage to reveal the obviousness, finally exposed, invisible as it was to the passers - by too busy in their own lives, in the heart of our insomniac cities, at the heart of our lives, our bodies, those washed by too many rains and storms.