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Julie Peiffer - French Artist and Photographer | Explore the captivating world of Julie Peiffer, a self-taught artist and photographer born in Nancy, France. Her work delves into the evolutions of our worlds, exploring themes such as the invisibility of women, urban spaces, and ecology. With a humanist perspective that is both documentary and deeply personal, her art offers a unique insight into contemporary issues. From her beginnings in the magazine industry to her emergence as a recognized photographer, Julie's journey is marked by a passionate quest to capture the essence of the feminine identity. Her photos exude a radiant vitality and a profound introspection, inviting viewers to contemplate the depths of human existence. Discover her thought-provoking collection of artworks that challenge conventions and spark meaningful conversations.


Julie Peiffer, born in 1967 in Nancy, is a French artist and photographer. She lives and works between Paris and Nancy. Self-taught, she develops an artistic work of author, and is interested in the evolutions of our worlds among which the invisibility of the woman, the urban space and the ecology, in a humanist vision which is at the same time documentary and very personal.
In spite of herself, Julie Peiffer had a childhood on the bangs of society throughout France until she settled for a time in Montpellier.
She arrived in Paris at the age of 18 and began working in the magazine industry. As an editor in Paris, she travelled to New York and London.
If she is not the one who presses the shutter of the cameras, she is close to the photographers with whom she collaborates, and validates each shot. A photographer offers her a Nikon FM2. For years, while she raises her two boys, she looks at the camera without daring to take it.
2015. Charlie Hebdo attacks. She grabs the camera with a sense of urgency. She has to photograph the city where human life disappears. Especially at night. Since then, always on the lookout for new ways to communicate, she moved from print to digital media, and quickly understands the interest of Instagram, which she cleverly uses to share her photos. This is how she was spotted in 2015 by a London gallery. She starts to exhibit in 2017, then will be represented by Paul Stewart Gallery and has collectors in France, Canada, Dubai and Australia.
Her work is the subject of group and solo exhibitions, as well as publications.
Her work questions the female identity. This unknown intimate. Like a quest. Always passionate about dance, her photos call upon both the body and the language of the feminine. Her work is full of light, mixing a crazy vitality and a melancholy of the depths, foundation of all human existence.


By The Same Artist.

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