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Darren Sunday, 2007 - 9H x 27L x 24 cm by Philip Hearsey. Discover the captivating world of sandcasting sculpture, celebrating the beauty and uniqueness of bronze as a noble material. Each piece embraces simplicity, solidness, and tactile qualities, reflecting the influence of process, erosion, nature, and time. Explore the artist's deliberate ambiguity in titles, leaving room for personal interpretation and inviting you to connect with the profound beauty of each individual sculpture. Embrace the imperfections that add to their charm, making each artwork one-of-a-kind and signed with care.


After a formal training at Camberwell School of Arts and Crafts Philip Hearsey spent many years working in architecture and construction but now devotes all his time to making sculpture.
He specialises in sandcasting to make sculptures that celebrate the quality of bronze as a noble material in its own right.  The sandcasting process directs simplicity.

There are no big ideas to express. Objects are solid, have an intriguing visual quality and are often tactile.  Process, erosion, nature and time all have a part to play.
Every sculpture is signed and uniquely numbered. Each has its own flaws and imperfections that are celebrated and add a profound beauty. No two are ever the same.

What is in his head when he works is private and he does not share much about the thought process behind each work. Titles are deliberately ambiguous. This provokes whoever comes across a sculpture to create their own interpretation.


By The Same Artist.