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Cécile Baldewyns - Belgian Self-Taught Photographer | Captivating Self-Portraits and Emotional Stories | Explore the captivating world of Cécile Baldewyns, a Belgian self-taught photographer born in Liege in 1974. Through her lens, she weaves stories of desire, sorrow, secrets, and missing elements, mainly focusing on self-portraits in various forms. Her work delves into emotions, employing improvisation and staging to create powerful narratives. With a conceptual approach, her evocative self-portraits gain recognition on social networks. Her photos evoke unique sensuality and disturbance, often playing with gravity and staging to tell undulating tales of a creative woman's inner world.


Cécile Baldewyns is a Belgian self-taught photographer. She was born in Liege in 1974.

She began photography 7 years ago, after a few years of painting. She had a desire to create quickly and more spontaneously. She likes telling stories, showing her desire, sorrows, the missing element, secrets through her photos. 

Cécile Baldewyns's work mainly addresses self-portraits under all kinds of forms. Improvisation, research and stagings. A daily work to listen to her emotions, a conceptual approach which brings her greater exposure on social networks.

The artist rarely exhibits in Belgium where she lives, but she exhibits on social networks where it's possible to realize the prolific quality of her work. Narcissistic, unique, sensual and disturbing is how one can define Cecile Baldewyns's photos.

The artist plays around with gravity which can be shown through languid poses, dramatic staging with a wild décor.

But is it all that simple? Isn't there anything else behind these hundreds of photos than just a one sided game that Cecile Baldewyns shows us through hints? Is this stage and the tormented dancing actually a personal diary, undulating feelings of a creative woman?


By The Same Artist.

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