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Rohan - The Devils in the Details, Painting by Robert Ieuan de Haan. Experience the vibrant and eclectic artistry of this half Dutch, half Welsh painter. His works feature a unique blend of colorful harmony, depicting obscene flowers, tattooed vases, and post-modern angelic nudes. Embrace the captivating forms created through a mix of paint and paper, reflecting the ever-changing world and moments of artistic serenity. Discover the intriguing narratives behind each piece, showcasing the artist's passion for creativity and expression.


Robert Ieuan de Haan aka Rohan, is half Dutch and half Welsh. He is a painter although he experiments with all kinds of media. Born in Belgium in 1996, soon it was defined for him to be an artist when from a young age he couldn’t stop drawing and painting. His work involves obscene flowers, tattooed vases and post modern angelic nudes. 
A rough blend of colourful harmony is what his work displays. The world is torn and reconstructed everyday and that is what these works portray. "I love the way a splash of paint and a tear of paper can create forms the brain could not think of first. I like to think of life as a collage and in its brief moments of serenity is when I create these pieces.


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