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Diane ROSAZ, COWBOY, acrylique, fusain,


Considering herself an expressionist figurative painter, Diane ROSAZ is a French artist who is throwing her emotions into the canvas. Her painting technique consists of applying a thin layer of gesso over the canvas, followed by the transfer of the full-scale charcoal drawing prior to the final acrylic painting with bright colours and dashes.
Diane's paintings embody the women bodies and spiritualities while emphasizing on their faces, hands and feet

It is in Caracas (Venezuela) that Diane improved her drawing skills while attending anatomy and sculpture courses at the Escuela de Bellas Artes (Academy of Fine arts).

During her 20 years of life overseas in 5 different countries over 4 continents, she was taking advantage of workshops with local artists to push forward her painting technique and to define her own style. In addition, she participated in various art exhibitions in Venezuela, Indonesia, Nigeria, South Africa, Norway, France and Texas.


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