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Notseig is a self-taught artist, born in 1993 in the suburbs of Paris, he discovered art through video games and the practice of drawing, yet never dared to truly express himself for fear of doing it wrong. It was after increasingly dark years, and never having fully accepted himself, that at the age of 24 he attempted to vanish.

Alone in a room, where all he had left was a sheet of paper and a pencil, he began to carve his own artistic path, delving into drawing, then photography, and painting as avenues finally allowing him to grasp his own worth.

"There is neither better nor worse than oneself, for we are the only ones who know how to do what we do."

This is what Notseig signifies.

Within this philosophy, each piece he creates becomes a bold manifestation of himself, a reflection of his rediscovered identity. Empowered by this realisation, it becomes essential for him to share this rebirth.

At the core of this reflection emerges "Not," a small companion that comes to life in each of his creations. This character becomes the very essence of his work, a crucial element of a larger whole. The invitation extended to viewers is to seek out and discover this unique protagonist, an artistic challenge that transcends the boundaries of the eye and the soul.

"Not" embodies not only the artist's uniqueness but also anyone who, like him in the past, didn't dare to dare!


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