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Color Immersion, 2021 - A masterpiece by Carla Bosch, an artist whose heart is reflected in her art. Inspired by South Africa's vibrant landscapes, she embraces bold impressionism and a liberal use of bright colors to create unique and captivating works. Her artistic journey began in Pretoria amidst a creative environment, where her father's love for life and beauty ignited her passion for painting. Bosch's talent has garnered international recognition, and her impressionistic approach allows her to paint from the eyes of her soul. Represented by leading galleries worldwide, her works continue to enchant art lovers and collectors alike


“I love it when art reflects the heart of the artist. The result will be a unique representation as we all see and observe life differently."

Carla Bosch’s life of bold colour began in 1976 in South Africa’s capital, Pretoria – and the city’s famous annual carpet of purple jacaranda blossoms no doubt inspired the bold impressionism that would years later entrance art-lovers around the world.


Although she studied interior design, her major artistic talent would not be denied. “I grew up in a very creative environment,” she says. “My dad, Anton Gericke, was a pharmacist by day and an artist by night. His love for life and all things beautiful spilled over.”


By 1997, with her personality shining through in her liberal use of bright colours, the warmth and cheerfulness of her landscapes, coastal and street scenes soon caught the eye of top South African art galleries. Local and international, casual and seasoned art collectors started snapping up her work.


Bosch loves painting plein air (outdoor/ “on-location”) but is equally at home in her studio, where she enjoys creating her impression of the subject matter without referencing pictures. “I mostly paint with professional acrylics on stretched canvas. My impressionistic approach allows me to paint from the eyes of my soul.”


Along with gallery owners and collectors, other artists have also recognised her talent and have wished to learn from her. She taught at the Original Art Company’s art school and has presented workshops to artist and novices alike.


Bosch has won numerous international awards and is represented by leading galleries in South Africa, UK, France, and the USA, where she now resides.


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